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Get a 20% off with the code OLDROAD1

Get a 20% off with the code OLDROAD1

Service Rates


12 Point Mechanical Inspection
Frame and Wheels Cleaning
Brake Levers and Pads Adjustment
Tire Inflation to Recommended PSI
Post-Service Test Ride



Everything in Low Road (Basic)
Chain Lubrication
Brake Pads Replacement (If Needed)
Wheel Spokes Re-Tension (Front & Rear)
External Connections Check



Everything in Mid Road (Advanced)
Deep Frame and Wheels Cleaning
Drivetrain Cleaning and Lubrication
Shifter and Derailleur Calibration
Front and Rear Tires Rotation (If Needed)



Other Services

· Tire / Tube Replacement: Front $15 Rear $30
· Brake Cable Replacement: Front $10 Rear $20
· Gear Shifter Cable Replacement: $25
*Parts Not Included


Find Us

2539 Congress St Ste B, San Diego, CA 92110

Business hours:

Mon - Sun 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.*

* Last Rental 2 hours before closing

What our customers say

Pascal Kloser

Google Reviewer
Pretty new place, well managed, new great bikes with everything you need. Bikes took us up to North La Jolla and back via South Mission Beach.

Still plenty of battery left. Best and most convenient way to get around and stop wherever needed. Definitely would come back.

Lala Poluza

Google Reviewer
Best e-bike rental service provider. No questions ask hands on solutions to any issues with your rental. One of the fastest growing e-bike rental businesses.

Old Road E-Bike Rentals puts their customer service before their revenues and make sure the customer have best time using their e-bikes.

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